Price and packages
Brochure style website built around the wordpress framework.
feature rich website with easy to use content management system.  one year free web hosting.
custom- responsive web desigm-  mobile friendly viewable on all devides.
wordpress content management system- update pages yourself
blog- showcase your news/events with an online blog
domain name
website revision
ssl certificate
Social media integration
google analytics and webmaster tool setup
technical support
I am totally new to this.  how does the whole process work?
1. The design process will begin with a briefing with the designer.
2. The next step is to begin designing the new main homepage making as many design amendments as needed until your are 100% happy with the overall look and design.
3. During this design phase, we’ll help you develop your content – text, images and any interactive elements such as forms.
4. Once the full website design is built, it is handed over – along with the content – to the developer who will create the coding for the website including WordPress backend content management system. There is then beta testing of the website by both you (particularly for content) and Dsgn One (for technical, design and usability issues.)
5. Following the beta stage, the website is will then ready to go live!
How much will my website cost?
How does the payment process work?
Option 1: Pay monthly payment plan which splits the cost over several months (from 3 -6 months).
Option 2: The project starts with a 35% deposit. The remaining 65% payment is then not made until you are 100% happy with the final website design build and it’s ready to go live!
Will the website be easy to view on mobile devices?
yesYes. Definitely. All our websites are fully responsive which means easily viewable on all devices including mobile, tablet and PC/ Mac.
will my website be search engine friendly?
yes all websites are built search engine friendly
what you do need from me to get started?
A design brief, provide your logo, text content for the website & photos. Professionally written copy and professional photographs help with making a website more effective. We offer a professional logo branding service if you need a new logo designed for your business.
How long does it take to build a website?
Our standard web design packages take approximately 3-6 weeks to build. A more complex website like an eCommerce (online shop) website takes approximately 2-3 months to build. The time can vary from project to project.
Do I own my website?
Yes, everything that we build will be 100% owned by you. Most of our clients stay with us for the life of the website. But if for any reason you decide you want to take your site to another hosting service we will be happy to assist you in making the transition as effortlessly and efficiently as possible.
What is web hosting
how much the web hosting cost
Can you provide email accounts?
How will I manage the website content after it goes live?
How will I manage the website content after it goes live?
You can manage the website content using the Dsgn One WordPress content management system. It’s very easy to use. We have user guides for the features and you can contact us if you are stuck
What is google analytics?
what platform do you build your website on?
do you register domain names?
Yes, all our web design packages include registration of a domain name for your business and we ensure the domain is registered in your name so you hold all rights over the domain. However if you prefer to register the domain yourself we can then easily integrate it with our web hosting package.
will you provide a full copy/backup of our site if requested?
Yes and at no cost! You 100% own everything that Dsgn One creates for you and if requested we will provide a one-time full backup of your website.
Do we need to meet face to face?
Not usually. Dsgn One have clients all over the UK and we’re experts at remote web design services. We’ll often do initial consultations over the phone or on a Skype video call or if you would prefer to meet face to face happy to do this. The key to creating a great site is to get a good brief from you which is why we take the time to fully understand your requirements.
What happens once the website is designed?
Once your website is up and running we offer full on-going support (as part of our web hosting package) designed to help maintain and update as required certain elements of your website
esponsive web design ensures your website will work at its best on all devices including Smartphones and tablets.
All our web design packages include a WordPress Content Management System so you can update the text and images yourself moving forward.
We offer a variety of marketing packages for your business including Google AdWordsEmail marketing and social media marketing.
We are Lonlogic – London Web Design Agency focused on helping young and established businesses alike to find their way in the internet’s wilderness. In this day and age, appealing to an audience is not just about focusing on a great web design. It’s about crafting the user experience from the inside out and making each and every visit both engaging and worthwhile.
You are here because:
  1. you want to show your customer the best impression of your business
  2. you want more of the right customers knocking on your door.
  3. you want to sell more to the right customer.
  4. you want to have  loyal customers who tells their friends about your business.
Web design is most effective when your site can communicate what your business offers  and your customers should have a seamless experience navigating your site.
The website is the face of your business.    Your customers should feel what your business is all about just by looking at the front page even before reading the first line of text.
Brand development is both an art and a science. And without the right process and expertise, it’s easy to lay the wrong foundation and end up missing the mark.
  • We review your industry, competitors, and other relevant content
  • We prepare an agenda ahead of the workshop so your team can come prepared
  • Option of digital or face-to-face workshop. Our resident artist offers digital or paBrandingper graphic recording
  • The face-to-face workshop takes place in one, half-day session (4 hours)
  • The digital workshop is typically broken into two sessions (2 hours + 2 hours)

After the workshop

Our team pores over all of the valuable information gleaned from the workshop and uses it to define your core brand elements. We present an initial slide deck draft for your feedback and then go through 1 to 3 rounds of revisions to get it just right. This deck is essentially the DNA of your brand in a single document, so it can also be provided to your stakeholders and marketing and communications teams to build and execute external communications.

Brand Workshop

We kick off brand development with an interactive, comprehensive (and fun) branding workshop.

Thinking of developing your own brand?

Brand development is both an art and a science. And without the right process and expertise, it’s easy to lay the wrong foundation and end up missing the mark.

Before the workshop

We’re hard at work behind the scenes, researching and preparing to deliver the maximum value possible to you and your team.
  • We review your industry, competitors, and other relevant content
  • We prepare an agenda ahead of the workshop so your team can come prepared

During the workshop

The workshop is an interactive, facilitated discussion between your team and ours. Typically our team will consist of a brand strategist, resident artist, creative director, and copywriter. And you can invite as many team members as you’d like to participate.
  • Option of digital or face-to-face workshop. Our resident artist offers digital or paper graphic recording
  • The face-to-face workshop takes place in one, half-day session (4 hours)
  • The digital workshop is typically broken into two sessions (2 hours + 2 hours)

After the workshop

Our team pores over all of the valuable information gleaned from the workshop and uses it to define your core brand elements. We present an initial slide deck draft for your feedback and then go through 1 to 3 rounds of revisions to get it just right. This deck is essentially the DNA of your brand in a single document, so it can also be provided to your stakeholders and marketing and communications teams to build and execute external communications.
  • Deliverables include a custom-designed brand development slide deck and graphic recording (digital or paper)
  • After the workshop, you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned to your marketing, brand identity, and website
Contact Page:
Let’s have a talk about your project.
Need more information or want to get in touch?

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Your internet presence should be more than just a pretty picture.
reason to hire me:
We actually know what we are doing.
  Our design process is a straight line from start to finish…no crazy ‘development’, ‘administrative’ or ‘management’ fees.
We’ll explain the most common hurdles to launching a successful website in our first conversation. Get ready to be enlightened!
You won’t wait weeks for a simple website update or be charged an absurd ‘minimum service charge fee’.
e’re not the neighbor’s computer-whiz nephew – we understand a little more about branding and web marketing.
eed a starter website in a day? We can! Charge you an ’emergency rush’ fee? Absolutely not. Will it be found on the web? Absolutely!
Our cost estimates are based on quantity, not pages, resulting in lower cost.
we don’t nickle and dime: We’re mensches and treat our clients as we’d like to be treated.
Price :  We love web design and building websites. But we hate haggling. That’s why we’re going to break from tradition and just tell you our prices. Almost no other web developers list prices on their websites, which we think is kind of obnoxious of them. Makes it hard for you, the customer, to shop. Here are our prices.
Small website : 1250-2950   Medium -33950
large: 3950+
 Animated Banner • Advanced SEO – targeting company name and 3-6 search terms• Copywriting & Branding Consultation• Custom Calculators & Info-graphics
Our clients receive ad-agency calibre work at a fraction of the cost – including our SEO 100% money back guarantee.
We create responsive websites with both visual and search engine optimization considerations in mind.

We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

WE know how to tell our client’s stories.
Ecommerce:   We can help you set up your online shopt to sell directly to customers.
we understand what makes an ecommerce store tick adn how it’s expected to perform.   we design retail websites that are fast responsive and untimately boost sales
Why choose our web deisgn services?
tailored to meet the needs of each business we work with.   each website and brand identity is unique.    we take time to understand your product or service.
we will also discuss your target market adn analyse your competitors we can better differentiate your offerings.   This information helps us to build up a picture of the type of web design or brand identity service you reqiure.
with any creative service, we provide a number of concepts bfoer we progress to the final outcome.   During the design process you can regularly contact us and we will keep you updated.    We approach all our projects with the upmost care and precision.
We understand how you present yourselves online is very important and the end result can dramatically afftect how your business is percieved by your customers.    great return on investments.
how do you know if your website needs updating?
many businesses become attached to their website design.   does it appear tired?  is it mobile friendly?  are your customers able to quickly find what they are looking for?
stylish websites to portray your company vision and engage with your clients.    our service will give you the endge over your competition.
effective website
social network management.

UX Design &User Interface

The ergonomics of a website must make it intuitive to understand and use. UX Design covers ergonomics, the study of behavior, ethonology, content and navigation.
he primary function of design is to improve the experience we have of a product or service. It is not only decorative but is the link between you and technology. The DA and Webdesigner of our web agency accompany you to respond to the latest trends, and make your design last a few years.

Data Analytics& web marketing

Know your market and current trends. Receive advice from experts in web communication and be supported by dedicated graphic designers for your project. From expressing your needs to advice allowing you to better express your visual identity, Fidesio supports and advises you.

Web& mobile development

Are you a communication company looking for a pure player to support you and develop your interactive pole? Are you a company looking for an agency capable of supporting you on all web technologies?
engage your website visitors like never before.   Create personalized experience and run website tests. –
Why pick us? We’re your in-the-trenches partner. You get our team’s total, unwavering commitment. Expect sharp strategic guidance, deep creativity, and a relentless focus on execution.

Great marketing? It’s harder than you think.

See if these problems ring a bell.
  • Creating a marketing strategy is overwhelming. Where do you even start?
    The brilliant execution of the wrong marketing strategy will accelerate your burn rate – with nothing to show for it but a damaged brand. Get the strategic guidance you need to plan a marketing approach that will help you grow brand awareness and revenue.
You know you’ve got something special. But what story should you tell the market?
One of the trickiest parts for tech companies as they scale-up is finding the right story to bring in customers, investors, and talent. There are so many messaging options it becomes hard to know what will move the market. We’ll help you discover and tell your story.
Where we can add value.
Your website is your 24/7 storefront. Customers form opinions quickly, so it’s important to make a good first impression with appealing, intuitive and effective design.
If you had a physical storefront like a coffee shop you wouldn’t want it to seem boring or unfriendly.
If you care about your customers and take pride in your space, you can create an environment that people want to support. You won’t just be any old coffee shop. You’ll be an important part of the neighbourhood. A daily destination.
Think about your website’s design the same way.
Brand Idetity:  – keep branding consistant across all your customer touchpoint.      Your logo, colorscheme and iconography should remain consistant.    Brand voice and key messaging.  you want to reinforce your value porpostion asethetics and tone across your website.  Brand equity.
web design- best efforts for its optimization.
monitor metrics
stimulate traffic
cultivate brand
clean design
improve ROI
user and maket research
trade design
product and service design
business analysis and requirements documentation
user experience
web design
content development
website optimisation
digital marketing and traffic services
project management
one stop shop
software development solution
experiential- bring together brands through experience.
customer’s journey
create meaningful intimate brand experience.
usability testing
heuristic analyses
local seo
inbound marketing
link building
media marketing
social media management
design-  users stories
functional desgin
we apply the lean startup method and carry out with you the MVP that will heop you convince your investors.
methodology for design
expertises-  Digital-  websites
mobile tablet
responsive design
web design
user journey
SEO and content management
SEO/SEM strategy
content writing
WEb optimization
web marketing strategy
decode your customer
customer experience
Keep your pricing open, clear, and fair.

You deserve an agency partner that’s as invested in your success as you are. Meet Tiller.

Ux.UI design
agile development  –  our mobile apps are sexy fluid and robust.
growth hacking-  inbound marketing strategy metrics and analytics.   optimization of retention and referal
You want a strategic partner
All marketing and branding success is built on a strong strategic foundation. That’s why we don’t just focus on execution. Your vision, goals, and KPIs guide our actions. We work closely together to define the work that will bring your organization tangible, measurable success.
graphic identity
user tests
ux workshops
Why do I need online marketing?    Whether you are a brick and mortar or a large enterprise,  google ads makes it easy to connect with billions of people at the moment they are looking for your product or your service.    Everyday, about 3.5 billion searches are made using google search.
we can transform your business by delivering real growth online.
technical expertise and creative understanding.
help you better understand the expectation of your users.
ensure the right choices that ensure the good construction of your site.
effective digital content
  • taking consultative approach to improve user experience.
  • Determine call to action
  • testing and monitoring
  • making it social.  makign it easy for visitors to conect with us on various social platform.
Power of internet marketing.  keyword research and understanding of search behavior is essential to the success of any business website.
lead generation-  through market research, create an ideal consumer profile and generate hot lead to follow to increase results .
looking for cost effective marketing solutions?
Are you losing potential business because you don’t know how  digital marketing works?
  • create and build new connections with customers
  • increase business performance
  • Attract and engage with your customers
  • convert visitor into new customers
  • digital solutions you need to get the results you want
  • generate new leads, sales and revenue
Here’s what we do:
  1. we familiarise ourselves with business plans and  sales forcasts
  2. we analyse and review current sales and marketing
  3. use analytical tools analyse competitors
  4. establish key audience personas
  5. competitor analysis
  6. audience analysis
Hosting services:  high traffic e-commerce site guide you for best bang for  services and money.
Branding- reflect business value and views
  • strategic brand positions
  • design logo and identity that reflects the value and vision of the business.
Web design:
create beautiful visuals
Positive user experience and visual appeal
high quality content
optimize website for optimal web performance
specialized in the latest website development and digital marketing trend.
keep up with latest technology to deliver the optimal performance.
simple aesthetic web developed pages.
develop clear sitemap to reach your objective.
create by  using data, intelligence and creativity
attractive, accessible and navigatable site.
creating new and innovative design not only looks great but also converts.  well versed in up to date marketing techniques to help your business grow.
SEO – track measurable modules clear set goals
design and develop persuasive website and mobile app.
able to meet all your needs and develop real digital strategy.
Web design process
Discovery – as questions, research and competition and target audience
Strategy –  organize and blueprint every page of your website – functionality and content
Execution –  QA analysis
launch-  testing quality
We’re a visual design and marketing agency with an extraordinary SEO gift and a passion for helping brands get found online.
Brand + identity
Web design and development
Social media online advertising
strategy and consulting
For a successful website, you can not only rely on design alone.   Your website is an amalgamation of poignant Design, Usability,  your message made simple to be found by your target audience online.
Qualified traffic
capture your audience
building solid online platform –  confident web service – impact
lead generation –  importance of full sales funnel –  importance of conversion – focus is to find what keywords your prospective clients is using to search for services or products you provide.
company’s visibility
paying someone to do your marketing is scary –
Email marketing-


slogan-  Delighting the customers
  •  Digital solution solutions you need to get the results you want.  ( reach more customers, increase sales and expand your business)
  • search engine friendly and easy to use- understand the need for professional aweb design services that offer easy to navigate, easy to use websites
we provide a full range of digital services and digital solutions.
converts visitor into leads
digital marketing plans to help your business grow
generating leads, sales, and revenue to help your business grow.
bespoke digital solutions.    strategy& planning, design & development through  launch and support.
welcome to ()
we are a young and thriving web design and digital marketing company based in xxx focused on creating new and innovative designs that not only look great but also convert.   With previous experience in the IT industry we are well versed in modern marketing techniques to help your business grow and gain recognition.
OUr singular goal is to improve your online presence.  WE deliver by first understand the fundamental purpose and value of your business. Then,  we translate your objectives into our domain – the web.   We have a passion for not only doing great work, but work that exceeds your desired goals.
Srvice:  Strategy & planning – business audit
Competitor analysis
audience analysis
project specification
user interview
create email campaigns
design and development  – we’ll build you the website of your dreams that not only look amazing on all devices but also converts.
digital marketing-  let us help your business known out there.  we are experts in everything from Pay per click to SEO
Hosting services-  Fro dedicated servers for large e- commerce sites to low cost shared hosting, we can sort you out.
Seo  –  search engine marketing experts focus on  increasing exposure and driving traffic to your websie through using a range of SEO techniques.
The goal of our SEO campaigns ins to intuitively increase your websites social ranking and subsequently garner more traffic, increase visibility and lead to higher rates of conversion.
Our SEO process is broken down into tracked, measurable modules, that have a clear set goal and timescale.
makign use of long tail keywords, location targeting and refinned wesite structures.
UX design- wire frames
user testing
solution architecture
UI design  interactive responsive design
web development
we can transform your business by delivering real business growth online.
Maunatech creative design
digital agency based in rocklin, Ca who care about our customers’ success.   to build and grow their business – and we’d be delighted to help you too.
Small to mid size businesses
Marketing- inbound marketing
Web Design and development
Mobile app design
Online marketing  – better way to grow
CRM-  ( customer relationship management)
    Inbound marketing
marketing automation
Virtual Assistant integration- chatbot

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building cutting edge website that encompasses cutting edge technology

forward thinking website with latest tech

crafting beautiful website that keeps your users engaged.

intuitive engaging website that converts

Our designs will make you stand out from the competition and provide your users with an engaging and refreshing experience. We ensure our code is as lightweight as possible whilst not holding back our creative team on the front end design (UI).